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When I (Loki) came to Midgard, I became obsessed with the different drinks, like regular fruit juices because everything in Asgard was either wine or mead. Tony keeps a stock of juice in the Stark Tower and consistently tries to spike my drink :)

looks like we got a submission from Loki himself! :O


Loki is a cuddleslut.

Okay so he’s a slut in a lot of ways. But it legitimately shocked Tony that, after their first night having sex, Loki fell asleep holding him. His fingers clutching around Tony’s chest, his head nestled in the crook of Tony’s arm.

What Tony doesn’t know, is that later, when he untangled himself to go use the bathroom, Loki woke up and panicked until he saw the light and heard his new lover taking a piss. Too embarrassed to say anything, he pretended to be asleep when Tony came back.


When Loki was in prison in Asgard, Thor brought Tony up to visit him sometimes, and as much as he was thankful to see him, he’d always hate Thor for letting Tony see how broken he was.

Tony loves spanking. Loki can't even decide of he loves it or not.


Salt And Chlorium

Loki needs to explode, he needs to let go and break down, he needs peace. But he hasn’t realized it. He doesn’t know. He refuses himself, the fear to much to recognize. Until someone takes up the role to explain.

Extremely smutty angst-fest one-shot. Involves a swimming pool.

Extra Bonus Scene At the End

I just wanted to take the time to say I love and adore your blog, it is the highlight of my day! I just go back and reread all the headcannons and fangirl for hours. You are a wonderful person and I wish I could think of more wonderful thing to say to you.

I wish you a very happy and successful 2014!


Oh my goodness thank you so much! And I’d like to take this time to thank you all for sticking around this blog. I’m not sure what the heck is wrong, but I haven’t gotten submissions in a while. I’m not sure if it’s tumblr or people just not sending anything. 

I’d like to announce that when I do get more submissions, I will likely just post them as a text post because University keeps me rather busy. Hopefully this isn’t a problem :/ 

Happy New Year, Followers! May your 2014 be beautiful and filled with frostiron :’)

To Summon A God

Tony Stark: billionaire, genius, playboy, with serious drinking problems.

It was a simple coincidence that he found a weird looking book at that cafe he went for the first time. Even weirder was the fact that he even bothered to pick it up. What happens when after reading a passage of the book he somehow summons a weird looking dude, that claims to be a worshiped pagan god of days passed?

And what will happen to the genius after he binds the god to his will by accident?

Abominations Of The Mind

Post-Avengers. Loki Laufeyson is suffering through his punishment for his crimes with ways he really does not deserve. Abused in the Asgardian prison and then abducted by his worst nightmare, the God struggles to keep himself together. After he blindly escapes after months of brutal torture, he finds himself in a place he never wanted to go back to—right in the righteous embrace of his worst enemies, the earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And more specifically into Tony Stark’s. Eventual Frost/Iron. Rated for gore.

The Disadvantages Of Phone Sex

Tony needs to hear Loki’s voice. Needs to see him. Even in his head.

Smutty crack!fic~


Black Blood Love

Loki and Tony and some passionate sex. That’s all, really. Just plain, filthy pwp. You have been warned.

In The Library

Loki and Tony have a strange relationship… What happens when Tony finds a hiding Norse god in his library? Sequel on the works.

Tumblr User Shabby-Chique wrote us a headcanon for number 315!

Edit: My finger must have slipped, this should say 316!

Such Selfish Prayers


read it on the AO3 at http://bit.ly/105ooxY


There is no such thing as fate.

At least that was what they told themselves as a jaded prostitute with a rough past and a genius billionaire with a slight complex. This was until the fate that they didn’t believe in decided to throw them together.

(A Bedroom Hymns revamp)

Words: 3520, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://bit.ly/105ooxY

I can't view old posts :/ do you have an archive or some other way I can "go back" and read all the headcanons?


Of course!! For some reason I can’t actually link to it on the blog, but if you type in the url + .tumblr like normal then add /archive to the end, you can view the archive :)) Sorry about the trouble!!

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